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Full pneumatic steel mesh cleaning MDM-750 machine

category:Non-standard automation series
release time:2019-06-23 12:41:04
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★ All stainless steel body: beautiful, wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant, in line with environmental requirements and standards;

★ Full pneumatic operation, no electricity, no fire hazards and other safety hazards, has passed the EU safety certification;

★High-density isobaric double-side rotary cleaning nozzle: strong cleaning force and will not damage the tension of the steel mesh;

★ Four-stage filtration system and low exhaust duct design: solvent recycling, low liquid consumption; Taiwan system integrates global high-quality components: ensuring high quality, stable performance and long service life.



Applicable steel mesh size

750(L) x 750(W) x 40mm(H)Oversized size needs to be customized

Maximum tank volume


Optimal liquid usage

22~ 35L

Cleaning method

360° rotary liquid spray cleaning and compressed air drying

Cleaning time

3 ~ 5分minutes /Min (paste)

Drying time

3 ~ 5minutes /Min

External air source

0.45 ~ 0.7 (Mpa)

Air consumption

(350 ~ 500) L/Minutes

exhaust vent

Φ 100 x 30mm (H) maximum gravitational wind speed 3m/see


Primary filter tank filtration: 10 (filtering impurities and labels)

filtering system

Three-stage filter: 0.45 (filter ball and rosin particles)

Machine net weight


Machine size

950(L) x 800(W) x 1680mm(H)

Application field

It is suitable for cleaning all kinds of stencils such as steel mesh, copper mesh, microporous mesh and wafer disc; it is also suitable for cleaning of circuit boards, fixtures, scrapers and other similar products and appliances.

working principle

Manually placed - pump booster - - online 0.45um three-stage filtration - spray cleaning - centralized 10UM filtration recovery - air cut dry - manual removal